We believe that eco-friendly and high performance should not be mutually exclusive. We design all of our products with these standards in mind and are proud to be leading the industry on both fronts.

When we started mountainFLOW in 2016 we asked ourselves a few questions: “What is missing in the market?” and “How can we improve the skiing experience without introducing toxic chemicals into the mountain environments that we love?”. We found that most ski wax products were toxic to both the user and the environment and determined that there must be a better solution. This led us on a multi-year journey of research, product testing, head scratching, iteration, joy, disappointment, and ultimately a heck of a lot of skiing! We’re not scientists and we’re not chemists but we know what feels good on our skis and what constitutes an environmentally responsible product. Here are some of the environment friendly features of our products …



All of our spray-on waxes are water-based. When using mountainFLOW’s Anti-Stick Topsheet Spray or Skin Wax, the water evaporates after application, leaving only the wax product behind. Most spray waxes use a volatile, flammable carrier because it dries quicker. Our products take between 5 minutes and a couple hours to dry - we suggest drinking a beer or hanging out with friends.



Our rub-on base wax is made entirely from plant-based products. Whereas most ski wax is made from petroleum, created as a by-product of the oil refining process, our wax contains 0% petroleum.

As your skis slide on the snow, small pieces of the wax are pulled out of your bases and into the snowpack. With a traditional ski wax, petroleum and/or fluorocarbon particles are transported into the snowpack and eventually into the watershed. With mountainFLOW’s wax, only pieces of all-natural, plant wax are introduced into the environment.



We are proud practitioners of Naked Packaging. Whenever possible, we rightsize our shipping boxes so that we don’t need to use any additional packing peanuts, air bags, etc

Don’t be embarrassed if you open your order and see your mountainFLOW lounging in its birthday suit.

We also use recycled and recyclable packaging for all of our products. The containers are also reusable - we have seen many clever uses from the empty cardboard tubes!