What makes your wax eco-friendly?

  • mountainFLOW’s Quick Wax is made entirely from plant-based waxes. Most ski wax is made from petroleum by-products and mountainFLOW has 0% petroleum!

  • The Anti-Stick Spray and Skin Wax are water-based, non-toxic, and non-hazardous.

Are mountainFLOW products just for backcountry skiers?

  • Nope, mountainFLOW products work great for all snow sliders.

    • The Quick Wax was designed for use by everyone - Alpine, Nordic, Snowboard, and Backcountry

    • The Anti-Stick Spray, while most popular with backcountry skiers who are looking to shed weight, has been gaining popularity with resort skiers who don’t want to schlep snow around the mountain.

    • The Skin Wax, well that’s pretty much for backcountry skiers. Although, an increasing amount of nordic skis are now built with permanently affixed skins instead of fish scales and the Skin Wax works great for these skis too.

How long do your products last?

  • The Anti-Stick Spray and Skin Wax each last for 50 applications. For most people, this is at least one season.

  • The Quick Wax will also last at least one season, it only takes a small amount of wax for each application.

What is the best temperature range for the Quick Wax?

  • The Quick Wax works best in moderate to warm temperatures, we recommend between 15F and 40F.

How is your Skin Wax different from other skin waxes?

  • Most skin waxes are a rub-on product which can clump the skin fibers together and reduce the gripping ability of the skins.

  • Our Skin Wax is a spray that helps to keep the skins dry and the fibers separated. So when the skin track gets steep, you won’t lose any kick. You also get a really nice glide and you won’t get any snow or ice buildup on the skins.

Wax for the top of your skis, wait, what!?

  • That’s right folks, we make an Anti-Stick Spray for the top of your skis. In fact, we are the only manufacturer of this type of product in North America.

  • Simply spray this product on top of your skis or board and watch the snow slide right off.